J-Hen eases listeners into the sensual and hot soulful grooves that will without fail arouse in audiences the sultry images the R&B singer has provided in his vocals. The Dallas-based artist has concocted fully-fledged R&B/HipHop hits that with contagious hooks and playful lyrics will stay etched in the listener's mind long after the tracks have stopped spinning. With a soulful suavity, the slow, smooth flow of his songs and the fast hyped dance tones will have clubbers gravitating to the dance floors. Listeners will definitely be pulled in by J-Hen's track's sassy style and tenacious lyrics.


J-Hen Official 2016 SXSW Showcase Artist - Highlights  

Highlights from J-Hen's SXSW, Digiwaxx Showcase at Maggie Mae's in Austin, Texas.  J-Hen is performing two of his singles, "Baddest" produced by Youngstarr and "Baby Come On" produced by DBizzy.  His latest single, "Bye Felicia", also produced by DBizzy, is the music playing in the background.


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